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Rancho La Puerta: Spirit Weeks

Phyllis works year round at Rancho La Puerta teaching yoga, T'ai Chi, and stretch. She leads meditation in a class called “Inner Journey,” which she founded in 1987. She also leads meditation hikes, gives talks on health, and orients guests to the weekly programs.

Phyllis has studied with BKS Iyengar and attended teachings from H.H. the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hahn, and Shinzen Young, among others. She has worked at the Ranch for 32 years, including 18 years as Fitness Director, and 28 years as Specialty Week coordinator. She started the Inner Journey, a Course in Meditation at the Ranch in 1987 with Deborah Szekely’s encouragement. She organized 20 in-depth “Healing the Spirit” Weeks for Ranch guests, collaborating with Specialty presenters from 2002-2005.

Phyllis is the author of
The Hidden Passport about her childhood experiences in a Japanese Internment Camp for European civilians in Java during WW2.

Inspiration: Yoga and Writing

Phyllis Pilgrim and Irene Borger

December 17 - 23, 2016

Yoga Fundamentals; Level 1/Progressive
M, Tu, W, Th & F
10:00 am, 45 min
with Phyllis Pilgrim

Yoga and Writing
M, Tu, W & Th
3:00 pm, 110 min
with Irene Borger and Phyllis Pilgrim

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Moving into the triple pleasures of breath, asanas, and writing, Phyllis Pilgrim and Irene Borger have designed an integrated program of yoga and writing that generates the optimal condition for summoning the creative self. Whether you have been writing and doing yoga for a long time, have not studied yoga or written at all, or are beginning a creative project of any kind, you are invited to breathe in new life and inspiration.

Writer and teacher Irene Borger's work has appeared in many publications including The Los Angeles Times, Vogue, O, Architectural Digest, and on The Wall Street Journal arts page. The director of the Alpert Award in the Arts, she oversees the giving of five annual $75,000 grants to outstanding artists in the performing and the visual arts. Previously she served as a member of the dance history faculty at University of California, Riverside, and, for ten years, was the artist-in-residence at AIDS Project Los Angeles; the workshop she developed has become a model for writing-as-healing programs throughout the country. Irene first came to the Ranch in 1977, and has been presenting programs here since the mid-1980's. A longtime meditation student, she is working on a book on listening.

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